Sunday, November 25, 2007

How to Get Started

An account has been created for each of you on the domain. Using the links to the right, you can logon to each of the services.

You logons are your first name and the password which was emailed to you (assuming you haven't changed it yet).


Your mail is powered by Gmail, and includes all of the power of that service. If you are using another email service, you can have all of your email consolidated into your MyDrummond account. Just check out the SETTINGS page on your mail.

Your email is both POP and IMAP accessible. This means that if you currently are using Outlook, Outlook Express, a Blackberry, a mobile phone, etc., you can continue to do so using your new MyDrummond account.


You can create a calendar in which you can optionally share with the other users of the domain (the family). You can create as many calendars as you want. For instance we created one for each member, one for Family (which includes meal plans), and one for exercise. We occasionally create others as need.

If you want to share your calendar, be sure to do from the SHARING settings within each calendar you wish to share. You can either share the FREE/BUSY information, or the full details of the calendar. You can also authorize other users on the domain the ability to add/edit your items.


An additional feature that you guys may like to utilize is GoogleDocs. Each of you have your own documents area that you can create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online. You can also collaborate on any of the documents that you have.

Using the documents feature is great for budgeting, gift lists, etc., as you can pick and choose who can see/edit the documents.


If you do not know your password, or have not received it, let me, Dan, or Dustin know. Each of us are administrators on the domain.

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