Friday, July 4, 2008


We came to the cabin in the woods by chance

The Drummond clan gathered just to do that chicken dance

To Helen Georgia the clan they did come

With rafting, tubing, and mini-golf; we had fun

We talked and we laughed our sides they did hurt

A few were missing, Patricia, she’s such a flirt.

The great clan master lead the way

He hopes he’ll be a grandpa someday.

Mother was here but not in body or mind.

Thanks to mother she bought us the wine.

Melissa and Steven brought much to the table

We all contributed; even roger with his fables.

Doug and Jessica got us this place and took care of the rent

Amazing how such 1 small ball can leave such a big dent.

The mountains we climb one step at a time

We played pennies for keeps, we should of used dimes.

Tired and wornout, most of us are over the hill

Spry in our old age; “does anyone have a spare blue pill?”

We climbed the mountains a huffin and puffin

Our feasts were like thanksgiving, just lacking the stuffing.

Bill was on food patrol, no food was allowed to sit too long

We all watched “so you think you can dance” and sang with the songs

The wii game of tennis and bowling was a big hit

The dinners were great they came in a kit.

We ate and we ate, bill was the food nazi by choice

Not really sure but; “eat shit and die” may be grounds for divorce.

Nephews, nieces, uncles and aunts; we all wear different hats

In the woods if you listen closely you can hear bill say “are you going to recycle that?”

The stairs we stepped and not a step was missed

Steven went a leaping and a rock he did kiss

Unlike as kids our words to each other were oh so kind

Trapsing in the woods 1 geo cache we did find.

The weather was perfect we had a wonderful summer.

The juries still out in who acted dumber.

The hot tub was cozy, quaint and a chance to get away

The cares of the world just memories we all just wanted to stay.

Our packing all done, our time together must come to an end

The Drummond clan came together and we left as friends.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pool Party - This Sunday

Everyone is invited to the Pool Party at Dan's this Sunday. The pool is setup and ready to go!

He is going to be having a double elimination water volleyball competition, so get your teams organized and sign up.

Remember safety not go into the deep end unless you are a excellent swimmer. Also, no more head first'n it down the slide. Doris learned that lesson for us.

Don't forget your sunscreen and raft. RSVP to Doris as soon as you can.