Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Business - Yard Decorations

In order to help recover from this year's Christmas expenditures, we are now selling yard decorations.

They will be in extremely limited releases, with the first issue being our "Bluepoopapot" product.

The Bluepoopapot comes with two types of poinsettias, mulch, as well as a padded ring for the lower planting vessel. Native fowl will enjoy the padded ring while roosting you new Bluepoopapot. Additionally, a hinged cover is included to protect the padding ring and lower planter during incliment weather.

The upper planting vessel is 100% water proof with a quick drain valve which automatically waters the lower planter. Talk about a time saver!

The Bluepoopapot is made of 100% furnace fired porcelain and comes preassembled for no extra charge.

If you act quickly you can get your Bluepoopapot color coordinated with your house, but you must act now. Supplies are limited to blue.

Warning: This product may contain residue of nuts and may cause an oily discharge. Your mileage may vary.


Joe King said...

I'll buy two Bluepoopapots, but only if I can get a matching set with opposing water levers on the upper vessel.

dontl00kback said...

Cool!! Now I can replace my Harvest Gold version!