Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pictograms on Medicine Bottles - Stroke of Genius???

So, my brilliant husband came up with this idea for those patients that can't read to make labels with pictograms on them. - Hmm? This seems like it would be a genius idea, right? Well let's think about this: Patient comes in for a vaginal suppository. Um, honestly, would YOU want that picture on your medicine bottle? Need I say more - I am sure you can "picture" it yourself. HA

Ahh, my smart husband, gotta love him!
(as seen on DJ Blog


Ryan said...

Minor embarrassment from a clip art vagina seems better than washing the suppository down with the rest of your morning vitamins....

Joe King said...

You know after some thought...this could have be useful in the Drummond household.

A picture of vagina on the the cream tube could have saved Dan from brushing his teeth with it.