Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We Survivored the Ocoee River!

Well the Drummond Clan started out with a BIG splash.  Joe, Doug, Jessica, Steven, Melissa, Doris & Dan were the brave ones. The "others" kind of chicken out and stayed back at the cabin-in-the-woods.   What started out as a 3-mile tour was something else. Well S.S.Minto #1 on the blue team was Joe, Doug, Jessica,Steven & Melissa. In S.S. Minto #2 was Doris & Dan. We all couldn't fit in one boat so Doris & I were on the green team. Yes our guide had green hair with multi colored toenail polish. I guess we were on the "happy" team. I told him all about Paula, so we were "in".  No we didn't come out, just in. 
Doris did really good except for holding on to the end of the paddle.  They said at all cost hold the end of the panel because you will loose your front toofs. (yes, I say it that way).  She took that as just a guide thing, She got yelled at about 4 times. Not a single person fell in. What is up with that!  When it came to the time to do the float & swim portion of the trip, Doug and I were the only ones to take the plunge.  I was really good getting back in the boat, no man-on-man moments in my boat.  Doug isn't talking!. Everyone enjoyed the day and are ready to go back. ............... Dan's 1st blog!

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This IS our life! said...

It was a BLAST and the ones that chickened out definitly missed out... BTW. Melissa jumped in with you two too and swam in the river.... it was WAY too cold and we weren't stupid enough to have to get pulled back in!!! LOL.
So much fun!!!