Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Lost: Craigcat

Dan and his Craigcat
Originally uploaded by jking89
Sometime during 2007 our Craigcat catamaran went missing. It was last seen in the garage, but it has not been actually "seen" in months.

It is white, with a blue bimini and works great as a storage device.

If you have an idea of the whereabouts of our missing craigcat, please contact Dan.

Thank you for your support.


Ryan said...

I believe the blue cooler seen in the picture has been recently spotted atop "Christmas Crap Mountain". Perhaps this will provide a useful clue...

Jessica said...

LMBO... Clean the garage!!!! (rolls eyes) Thats a little silly

Joe King, Central Florida, US said...

I know why Dan can't find it! Turn it upside down and he'll know right where it is.


Jessica said...

Awwe, poor Dan, Make one mistake and your scared for life....LMBO