Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Today's Safety Message

Dan trying to mow the water
Originally uploaded by jking89

While the mowing width of the standard line trimmer is far shorter than that of riding lawnmower, one must never underestimate its usefulness in some situations...

Until Craftsman comes out with their amphibious lawn tractor, areas directly adjacent to bodies of water should probably be manicured with a smaller, more agile device.

Let us all learn from Dan.


This IS our life! said...

We just got a new mower today! LOL.. Luckily not a riding one and luckily we don't have a "dip" in our yard large enough for Douglas to fall down (Oh, I mean up - lol - I LOVE YOU BABE!)

Joe King said...

Dan has a wealth of riding mower lesson's learned knowledge!