Sunday, December 28, 2008

After the Hullabaloo

We usually get together with Dan's (Dad) and Aunt Laurali's family after Christmas. It works out really great because both Aunt Laurali and Dan's birthdays are the 27th and the 28th. So we get to celebrate all kinds of birthdays. ;)
For our gathering we went with the Asian Flair. For appetizers I made lettuce wraps and edamame peas. YUMO. some of my most favorite things. We decided that wonton soup and fried rice would be sufficient for dinner (the wraps are pretty filling) and not as time pressing. (there was 14 people). Ryan, Rachael and I sat down to make the wontons and were surprised how quick it went for a time consuming project. YAY US! Ryan and Rachael did the rice. There was so much rice, it was ridiculous. 
I think everything turned out really well and I hope everyone else enjoyed the feast.

(I know pictures were taken so if you have some...please post)

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Joe King said...

Yeah...whoever take pictures, can you please post them.